Artisan: Makaua

Makaua was established in 2002 when its founders discovered a palm placemat in a Mexican market. Realizing they had stumbled across something special, they went in search of the people who made it. Since then, their company has grown to include the work and collaboration of more than 500 families. The word Makaua means "hand to hand" or "giving a hand" in the ancient Nahuatl language, a sentiment embodying not only the handmade quality of each Makaua product, but also the positive impact on native artisans' quality of life.

Makaua works and collaborates with more than 500 families in Mexico to create handmade home decor pieces.

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Our Mission

DARA Artisans promotes cultural curiosity and a sense of discovery by offering a sophisticated edit of handmade artisan crafts to an audience seeking authentic, responsibly sourced designs with a modern aesthetic.