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photographs by gentl + hyers

Woven Baskets
Jadrima Textiles

Textiles are integral
to every aspect of
Bhutanese culture

Striped Textiles

Weavers often work 10 to 12 hours a day,
generally producing no more than two inches of fabric
in this period due to the difficulty of the pattern.

Jadrima Textiles
Diamond Placemat

Bird’s Eye Pillow
Stiped Textiles

Bhutanese artisans use an ancient
method of soaking and carving burl wood
to create beautiful bowls with unique colorations
and grain patterns. Burl wood is extremely rare
because it is only produced when a tree
experiences environmental stress.
Like a pearl inside an oyster, it is highly
prized natural abnormality.



Maple Burl Wood Bowls

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