Simon Alcantara

As a boy Simon filled his pockets
with stones, feathers, and shells. "Those were the
things I was attracted to at the time and here
I am years later using these materials in my designs."
His belts and necklaces of woven leather,
stones, shells and feathers confirm his impulse
augmented by his philosophy that everything
carries an energetic signal.

photographs by jim franco

styled by mengly hernandez

Channel the beauty of the peacock with these highly
dramatic sterling silver earrings and bracelet made with peacock
and coq feathers. The multi-strand lambskin belt plays
off the tonal differences between red agate and new jade—two
stones treasured for their healing powers. Proponents
of stone energy believe that red agate enhances clarity of
thought, while new jade can aid quiet contemplation.


Indigo Throw by Aboubakar Fofana.
Part of Simon Alcantara’s New World collection,
this belt and necklace mixes the softness of its
lambskin strands with the hardness of its stones:
disks of tiger eye, famed over centuries for its ability to
enhance a sense of calm and strength.

Top. Multi-strand lambskin belt mixes the tonal brilliance of moss agate with multicolored unakite—two stones
famed for their ability to promote balance and calm.
Top center. This gorgeous lambskin belt showcases the rich texture and tonal variation of green agate, a stone famous for its balancing,
nurturing and grounding properties, as well as its ability to enhance creativity.
Top bottom. Mutli-strand lambskin belt with carnelian—renowned among energy experts for its protective and energizing qualities.

A multi-strand lambskin belt with
disks of jasper, famed for its ability to encourage
a sense of overall well-being.

Right Amber, tigereye, carnelian and serpentine necklace
with sterling silver signature clasp.


The multi-stranded lambskin belt shown
here and opposite showcases vibrant sponge coral,
which Alcantara believes imparts a sense
of harmony with nature. Left: Black lambskin
belt with vibrant red-orange sponge coral, renowned
for its abilities to encourage harmony and
communion with nature.

Simon Alcantara's Alpha Pavonis collection
celebrates the beauty of the peacock-as Alcantara
puts it, "the acceptance of our inner brilliance
that leads to outward majesty." That second quality
is enhanced with this dramatic piece, made from a
sterling silver band and enhanced with peacock and coq
feathers. Injiri single bed cover worn as a shawl.

"Energy is energy; you receive
it or resist it. If you resist it, it's only
then that it’s negative. So while
my designs do carry energy, they're
symbolic. We’re responsible for
our own energy."

This evocative, richly textured belt, made of lambskin strands
and cacao wood, showcases designer Simon Alcantara's primary concerns: an appreciation
for physical beauty and an expression of the organic world. The beads are made
of cacao wood, famous for its rich texture and intriguing color variations.
   Right.Throw made of soft yak wool from Tibet by Norlha.


Simon Alcantara's New World collection necklaces
capture the energy of contemporary living-and, as he puts
it, remind the wearer that "All is well." Alcantara's
fascination with the healing energy of stones has endured
for decades, and here he has fashioned a statement
necklace from lambskin, jade accents and disks of carnelian,
famed for its protective qualities.
White and black cashmere throw by Armand Diradourian.
Sunset swirl scarf by LineaGermania.

"My thing is keeping
my energy as high as possible-not
overthinking things, honoring
myself, and really watching what
I'm feeling," he says. "I do what I do.
I follow my instincts."

Top Left. This lambskin belt celebrates the "stone of sincerity,"
South Seas mother-of-pearl, famed for its luster and prized as a symbol of faith,
charity, and innocence.

  Top center. A dramatic 10 strand lariat with blue lace chalcedony and grey pearls
and sterling signature coral branch.

Top right. South Seas mother-of-pearl and dark silver bring a rich, lustrous
texture to Simon Alcantara's lambskin belt. Alcantara, who treasures the restorative
powers of stones and select other materials, works from the truism that pearls
are known as the "stone of sincerity"-symbolizing faith, charity, and innocence.

  Left. A statement necklace. "We need something to remind us that
"All is well." This necklace touches on all of these interests and preoccupations.
Yellow jade which symbolizes wealth, good luck, and loyalty.

The multi-strand lambskin belt features disks
made of rubellite, a stone famed for its healing qualities-
said to be centered on soothing the heart chakra.
  Deep red cashmere shawl by Armand Diradourian.


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