Our thoughts are with Nepal in the wake of Saturday's devastating earthquake. DARA Artisans has ties to many corners of the world, including Nepalese weaving communities. We are committed to giving back to those who make DARA possible. From now through Wednesday, May 6th, DARA Artisans will donate 10% of proceeds from all sales on our site to Kids of Kathmandu. 

Kids of Kathmandu has a network of locally run NGOs in Nepal and will be allocating donations based on real time reports of where the funds can do the most good for those in need. Kids of Kathmandu Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Andrew Raible made the following statement about the organization's
earthquake relief efforts:

“The measures taken in the next few weeks are necessary to stop the immediate suffering, but the real healing will take years of hard work and focus to rebuild Nepal into the nation where all children, women and men can thrive and be happy.

Kids of Kathmandu has been fortunate enough over the past five years to have partnered with several Nepali NGOs and American non-profits, helping marginalized Nepali children eventually reach their full potential as educated, independent and responsible adults.

As the scope of the earthquake unfolds, our focus has shifted and we are now working with US and Nepali groups that we know and trust implicitly to deliver the necessary aid to the citizens of Nepal. Kids of Kathmandu knows the needs are great, but wants to assure everyone that we won’t rush into any projects we haven’t fully vetted and feel that your donation will be best served by.

Kids of Kathmandu has already sent funds to help an American medical team on their way to Nepal to deliver medicines, food, water and tents. We are planning on splitting our donations between providing immediate aid and addressing longer term projects such as water purification and the rebuilding of schools and orphanages.

We are sending a second fund dispersal to a partner NGO delivering essential, medicine, food and tents to mountain
villages by chopper.”

Our Mission

DARA Artisans promotes cultural curiosity and a sense of discovery by offering a sophisticated edit of handmade artisan crafts to an audience seeking authentic, responsibly sourced designs with a modern aesthetic.