Lao Textiles

Laos is globally renowned as an epicenter of exquisite hand-weaving.
Our collection of Lao textile masterpieces represents the highest
standard in this traditional art form, paying homage to the generation
of meaning through culture and superior craftsmanship.

photographs by anna williams

Since 2008, the veil has lifted, revealing not only
a beautiful country, but also a weaving tradition with a growing
fan base of art connoisseurs across the world.

– Peter Whittlesey
Author & Collector



Each textile’s design contains traditional symbolic motifs,
most of which appear “hidden” within the geometric complexity.
Motifs may include mythological river-serpents (naga),
elephant-lions (siho), giant spirits (phii nak),
rainbow-bellied birds (hong), and many others.

– Maren Beck and Josh Hirschstein
Founders of Above The Fray



Weaving connects Lao-Tai people through time
and in community. As an art, there is none that is as central,
and so fully shared among the people, as the woven textile.

– Ellison Banks Findly
Author of Spirits in the Loom: Religion and Design in Lao-Tai Textiles

Our Mission

DARA Artisans promotes cultural curiosity and a sense of discovery by offering a sophisticated edit of handmade artisan crafts to an audience seeking authentic, responsibly sourced designs with a modern aesthetic.